How To Start A Creative New ‘Money Hobby’ That Turns Your Passions into Profits

rc plane 1Does your passion or your hobby matter to the marketplace? While I’m sure it most certainly matters to you, does that passion translate into profits? Unless you have some obsure passion or hobby that nobody else in the world has ever heard of, there are probably plenty of other people who share your passion and may even more into it than you are. Find them and you’re bound to discover a profitable niche market.

Being deeply involved in a hobby or passion is the stuff that successful niche marketing is made of. Most really successful niche marketers have turned what the care about the most into successful businesses. The reason for their success is their passion about the theme of their websites.  Their passion and purpose is translated into their content and their readers, being like minded find it easier to become fully engaged with the material.

Passion Key to Niche Marketing

Creating a successful niche marketing site can take some time and quite a bit of dedication. Unless you are passionate about the subject, it is hard to stay focused on it long enough to make it a success.  Even in the online world, there are few truly overnight success stories, making passion and dedication your two biggest assets. You must be willing to put forth some work and be willing to accept the fact that it may take a while before you start realizing a profit…even a modest one. Perseverance, dedication, and passion, combined with a few tools is key to making your passions pay.

You can establish a money-making niche marketing website with the theme about the very things that you love the most. By correctly define your niche, make certain that people are willing to pay for the product or service that you are selling, and locate that specific audience; there is no reason why you can’t build a niche marketing site that is all about your greatest passion or the hobby that you most enjoy. Imagine that! Being able to make money and do what you love doing at the same time. That, my friend, is the mark of true success and it just doesn’t get any better than that!

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3 comments on “How To Start A Creative New ‘Money Hobby’ That Turns Your Passions into Profits
  1. Keiran says:

    Hi Christopher

    Great post, and I totally agree that it’s your passion that will let you reap the profits.

    I’m reading an excellent book at the moment called “Trust Funnels” by Brian G Johnson, and he claims there are three things you need for a successful online business:

    1. Consumer demand (or you won’t make any money)
    2. Personal knowledge and experience (otherwise you have too much learning to do)
    3. Passion (or won’t won’t keep going with it)

    He says that there aren’t many people who have been successful without truly loving what they do, and that lasting passion is vital for success.

    All the best


  2. Hi Christopher,

    You’re right in that you need both the dedication to a single topic and for that topic to have a decent profit potential if you want do a money making website on the subject. But that’s only half the story.

    While a good number of articles might eventually attract enough search engine juice to push you up the rankings and bring you to the public’s notice, the only other way to get interested visitors is by targeted advertising, which usually means spending money.

    You can only do so many blog and forum comments before the novelty begins to fade – normally around the 3 to 6 months point. The thing to do then is bite the bullet and look for a paid source of targeted traffic. Something that FB is actually quite good for. A spurt of interest generated by these paid visitors may be just enough to keep YOU interested as well as those you seek to attract.


    Steven Lucas

  3. Hi Christopher!

    Good article! Certainly agree with you that if you are passionate about some hobby you can certainly write about it and make money at it. When you enjoy what you’re writing about it is certainly a lot easier than if you decide to start a business and pick a niche that you don’t have much knowledge of, but feel it is a money maker. Doing social media such as Facebook is also great when you have a hobby and will be a big boost to your business!

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